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Introducing CTE Open Online Courses and eBooks.

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January 8, 2020 marks the launch of the CTE’s online  collection of ‘OOCs and ebooks.  ‘OOCs are open online courses. They come in different lengths. We call the longest ones Continuing OOCs or COOCs. They’re a lot like interactive workbooks.  Little OOCs, or LOOCs, are medium length, perhaps suitable to be a module in a course.  And the shortest ones, Nano OOCs, or NOOCs, are like little tutorials.  In addition, we are launching our Open Learn Lab OER ebook publishing platform, Pressbooks, with a some OER ebooks of professional development interest to faculty. These ‘OOCs and Pressbooks are not only good professional development resources, but they’re also great examples of what you, with the assistance of the Open Learning Lab, can create for your own classes.

To get started, Go to (opens in new tab and only once the conference starts) and click Welcome or just browse.

 Courses and Books now available:

COOCs and Pressbooks

  • CTE Accessibility Handbook
  • Pressbooks Guide
  • An Urgency of Teachers




  • Introduction to Universal Design for Learning
  • UDL Tips from Cast
  • Human Presence in Online Learning
  • What’s the Open Learn Lab
  • SPLOTS? Huh?

Other Schools’ ‘OOCs

  • Note-Taking 101: A 15 Minute Crash Course on Note-Taking
  • An Introduction to Domain of One’s Own
  • Wikipedia Basics