Online Teaching Symposium 8:30 am – 10:30 am

Ariel view of connected highways. Each presenter will share (for 5-7 minutes) a tool, method, and/or idea that they use in their online teaching so that you may gather a few takeaways, make a connection or feel a spark for something to use in your own teaching.  Following this entire presentation session, there will be separate breakout sessions for each presenter (running concurrently) for 30 minutes so that you have the opportunity to ask questions or have a discussion. You will be able to “move” from one breakout room to another as you like during the 30 minutes.

  •  Susan Jepsen: Google Slides
  •  Chris Richards, Kara Wiedman, and Dave Zokvic: IDs Top tools for online teaching
  •  Danielle Savory: Creating connections between students in
    online classes
  •  Jason Mitchell: Class-based brain dumps or Kahoot
  •  Cheryl Garayta: FlipGrid video discussions
  •  Melissa Lucken: Conducting peer review workshops
  •  Adam Richardson: Improve the production quality of virtual
    classrooms/ORTs (Lights, Camera, Action)
  •  Barb Clauer: Poetry Project

Link to Recording