What Are Professional Learning Circles?

With the thoughtful guidance of Achieving the Dream (ATD) coaches and the collaborative work of our Building Capacity for Change (BCC, a subgroup of ATD) team, an action plan for reducing student equity gaps through Professional Learning Circles (PLCs) was created. This plan is based on our LCC data, collective decision-making of our team, and evidence-based High Impact Practices. The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) is coordinating and providing opportunities for faculty and staff to participate in Professional Learning Circles through an application profess. Professional Learning Circles (called by many names) are a high-impact practice in and of themselves. 


The following goals have been set forth:

  • Goal 1: Establish and provide professional learning opportunities that will address the equity and opportunity gaps for students, especially our under-served student populations
  • Goal 2: Engage adjunct in professional learning
  • Goal 3: Remove barriers and promote collaboration across the college

Each PLC will focus on a High Impact Practice to improve student equity gaps. To promote collaboration and engage adjunct faculty, each PLC will be comprised of colleagues in different roles and areas at the college, both full-time and part-time, and will focus on a shared interest that connects to one high-impact practice. 

The connections formed and work done allow members to define outcomes they hope to achieve, learn from one another, and share their passions for teaching and learning. Members of each PLC will plan and execute a project with support from the CTE and the Center for Data Science (CDS). By connecting this work to High Impact Practices, PLCs will remove barriers to connection across the college.