To our colleagues, for Professional Activity days, we are happy to present you with a variety of rich content and live sessions.

Our Goal

Our goal is to engage our colleagues through various methods of professional interaction to inspire educational approaches that support creativity, agency, inquiry, and culture. Effective professional development not only requires a community of scholars, but also one that cares.

Event Format

Wednesday, May 11: Professional Activity Day (all virtual) from 8:50 a.m.-4:20 pm., with lunch on your own. Wednesday will begin with a Pedagogy of Care Teaching Symposium, followed by an Inclusion Resources session with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. THIS WEBEX LINK will be used for all morning sessions. The day concludes with two sets of concurrent sessions that can be accessed with these links: 2:30 CONCURRENT SESSIONS and 3:35 CONCURRENT SESSIONS

Thursday, May 12: Professional Activity Day (all virtual) from 8:50 a.m.-1:00 p.m. This day will open with a session on Data Literacy with the Center for Data Science. Following, will be a Hy-flex teaching demonstration with LCC faculty and staff. THIS WEBEX LINK will be used for both Thursday sessions.

There will be no YouTube live stream.

The general assembly presentations and concurrent sessions each have their own space on this website.

  • Each live session is posted individually and contains the WebEx link. These will not be repeated but may be recorded (see Recordings below).
  • Breaks are placed intentionally, so please be sure to look away from the screen, stretch your body, and take care of yourself as needed.


Presentations from ODI and CDS, the Teaching Symposium, Hy-flex teaching demonstration, and most concurrent sessions will be recorded and posted on the website as soon as they are ready. The CTE will send out an email when all the recorded sessions are available so you will be able to explore them at your convenience. This website will stay up indefinitely so you can revisit it.


Our sincerest thanks to all who contributed during collaboration and brainstorming sessions, all who have taken the time and care to prepare and execute a session, and of course to Patrick Butcher and Media services for their support with our general assembly sessions and the Hy-flex teaching demonstration.

We want to wish you an incredible end of the semester and happy Professional Activity days!

– The Center for Teaching Excellence

LCC Land Acknowledgement

Lansing Community College occupies the ancestral, traditional, and contemporary lands of the Anishinaabeg – Three Fires Confederacy of Ojibwe, Odawa and Potawatomi peoples.  In particular, the City of Lansing and LCC reside on land ceded in the 1819 Treaty of Saginaw.  While all of our campuses are beautiful and inviting, we remember that we are guests as we walk on Mother Earth.  As we delight in the sounds of the Grand River, we remember that this waterway has been used by the original inhabitants of this land daily for farming and transportation between Portland and Okemos. We would like to take a moment to acknowledge our relationship to Indigenous communities, especially as we examine our relationship to our Indigenous faculty, staff, and students and their contributions to the LCC Community. Each day, as we walk on each of our campuses, we remember that similar footsteps were walked along these same paths for generations before us.   As we honor those who have walked these paths before us and the seven generations to come, we reflect on how we honor them in our interactions with Indigenous communities, the land, and all of humankind.