12 thoughts on “Teaching Media Literacy

  1. Lisa

    Hello Suzanne and Jordan

    This was fantastic. I plan to check out the research guide as part of the prep for my summer course. Also, I’m taking a CMU grad class this summer called Language and Media Discourse so I think what you presented will also help me with that. Thanks!


    1. Suzanne Bernsten

      Thanks Lisa. Let us know if you learn about tools during your grad class that we could add to our guide.

  2. Susan Murphy

    Outstanding! I really appreciate all of the new tools to explore

    1. Suzanne Bernsten

      Thanks Susan. You’ll have to let me know which tools you end up using with students.

  3. Susan Henderson

    This will be helpful.

    1. Suzanne Bernsten

      Thanks Susan. Let me know what tools you end up using in your classes.

  4. Leigh Szedlak

    Thank you so much for sharing. I had no idea we had this available. I shared the 20 seconds for good information hygiene on my FB page because there is a lot of misinformation out there and this is very basic and simple for consideration:) Stay safe!

    1. Suzanne Bernsten

      I also find the information hygiene idea a useful way to think about evaluating sources.

  5. Susan Folks

    Very well done! Information hygiene is something that all students need to be aware of.

    1. Suzanne Bernsten

      Thanks! The information hygiene idea was new to me and a helpful way to think about evaluating information.

  6. Arthur Wohlwill

    I really like that game. We actually discussed those spinal cord treatments mentioned in the first article in class. Here is a video showing how cells from the olfactory glands are used to treat the injury:

    1. Suzanne Bernsten

      Thanks for sharing the video, Arthur. I also like the game as it demonstrates how hard it can be to tell fact from fiction. The organization that created this game also has created other news games: https://edspace.american.edu/jolt/newsgames/

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