11 thoughts on “LCC Community-Generated Poetry Project

  1. Susan Murphy

    Just amazing! Love the topic!

  2. Suzanne Bernsten

    It was interesting to see how you adapted the project to work online. Great work! Thanks for sharing the poems from this semester. I am still interested in trying to collaborate with you on a future poetry project.

    1. Barb Clauer


      Thanks! Definitely still pondering a poetry project together about media literacy — it will happen. 😊

  3. Zakir Ahammad

    Wow, that was actually creatively inspiring and genuine. Thanks!

  4. Matthew

    It’s so cool to have seen this evolve from its genesis at UC Davis years ago. I love how the poetry project challenges us to think about what the concept of authorship is. I wonder if you’ve had these discussions with the student poets who assembled the materials and what they have said about the process?

    Loved hearing the poems and that your sons read them. Your knowledge, skill, and passion inspires me.

    1. Barb Clauer

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks! I feel very lucky that some of my awesome colleagues were right there at the Imagining America conference with me to know how the seed was planted for this obsession of mine.

      Doing more on researching and exploring the concept of authorship and the generative creativity involved in re-mixing, as it pertains to community-generated art, is definitely something I want to add to the overall work of the Poetry Project.

      I’ve talked about this somewhat with the student poets over the years, but mostly in the context of the power and freedom the buffer of re-mixing others’ (their fellow LCC students) anonymous words gives the poets.

      So much to learn, so much to explore, so much to share.

  5. Jeff J

    Well done! This is such an inspiring project, and I am so glad to see you keep it going even in this crisis.

    that line in the first poem: “do you remember that time, not so long ago” resonates.

  6. Melissa Kaplan

    Your passion and vision have made possible a powerful connection between hundreds (bordering on if not thousands?!) of people, Barb, bringing together students to puzzle over a myriad of words to combine them in rhythm and metaphor, finding the abstract and the concrete. And I love that your sons read these poems. Hearing their young voices speak of battles fought and won…that is hope.

  7. Meg

    The sandstorm. My heart …

    1. Barb Clauer

      Hi Meg (I loved your art video very much)

      Images like the dust speck/sandstorm from our students are stuck on repeat in my head. They wrote amazing stuff. I love the power in the other image in that stanza about “my vote becomes a bird/and then it flocks”. Poignant and hopeful. But yes…my heart.


    Vote On!!!

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