Keeping it Simple: Rule of 2s

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Let’s boil this down. What’s most important for us to rethink as we use our precious hours and days to redesign our courses for online and/or remote learning? Work with a colleague, friend, instructional designer, or student to talk through your answers after you fill this out! Are you stumped? Take a look at the example we’ve attached!

First, let’s take a breath and focus on the big picture.
What are two GUIDING PRINCIPLES that you want to keep in mind as you redesign and teach during this time?

Next, let’s settle on some technologies or processes that feel comfortable to us.
What are two TOOLS that you might use to support your teaching during this time?

Let’s think about what course content is most important for students to cover.
What are two CONTENT CHUNKS that you want students to know and understand by the end of this course?

Let’s look beyond content and think about skills our course hopes to develop in students.
What are two SKILLS OR DISPOSITIONS that you want students to have or demonstrate by the end of this course?

We are not in this alone. Let’s include our students as partners in this challenge.
What are two ways that STUDENTS CAN PARTICIPATE in helping you to redesign elements of this course?

Let’s find the teaching moments, and help students understand how our field is affected by and contributes to discourse around this global pandemic.
What are two ways that you can link your coursework to current events related to COVID19?

Because panic and misinformation are common and because we all need to help to flatten the curve around COVID19, let’s talk about public health in all of our courses.
What are two things you want to stress to your students about keeping themselves and others HEALTHY during this pandemic?

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