Transitioning to Online Instruction


1. Know how to contact your students. Two easy ways are:

     – Create an Announcement in D2L
     – Use your D2L class mailing list

2. Make sure your students know the best way to contact you (email, voicemail, phone, etc.) in the event that the College shifts to a virtual environment and instruction continues in a different fashion.

3. Use D2L to create and publish your course. Learn all about using D2L here.

4. Upload your course material to D2L and make sure that your students are aware of your course. This includes transitioning your paper-based exams online using D2L Quizzes.

5. Consider that students have differing levels of access to technology and internet connectivity, and that the availability of computer labs, libraries, or other public access points would likely be limited during an event requiring campus closure. Alternate assignments or accommodations may be necessary on a case by case basis.

6. Use Kaltura, found in Tools- in D2L, a media platform integrated with D2L, to record your material (including PowerPoint slides), upload instructional materials, and caption videos.

7. Include a syllabus statement explaining how to proceed in case of disruption:
“In the event of an extended disruption to classroom functions, I will provide instruction and interaction via LCC’s D2L course management system.”


March 11, 2020