Recommended Practices

  • Communicate fully and explicitly with students. Summarize all of the changes to your course on a dedicated D2L page or in an email.
  • Utilize D2L Announcements to keep your students up-to-date on changes or modifications.
  • Focus on learning outcomes even if it means adjusting the specific activities that contribute to those outcomes. Keep students moving toward those outcomes and avoid “busy work.”
  • Prioritize course activities and focus on delivering the ones with the most significant impact on learning outcomes.
  • Take advantage of colleagues’ ideas, departmental practices, and share your ideas.
  • If you are familiar with and use social media, create and share social media pathways with your students using Twitter, Facebook, or other platforms.
  • Whenever possible, keep local secure copies of your documents/grades as backups in case they are inaccessible during an interruption event.
  • If you grade on participation, consider giving opportunities such as discussions.
March 11, 2020