Inside Online Cl@ssroom: FutureMe

by Meg Elias

In the March issue of Online Cl@ssroom, Leilani Carver (Maryville University of Saint Louis) gives some different ways to engage online learners.  Among the “Free and helpful websites,” Leilani suggests using to allow students to email their educational goals to their future selves.

The concept of FutureMe is simple … the user writes a letter, and selects a “deliver on” date.  After an email verification, the letter is saved until the delivery date arrives, perhaps at the halfway point in the semester or even at graduation.

“Students report this is a powerful exercise,” says Leilani, and you can imagine how powerful if you read some of the recently delivered letters.  I love this idea … and I just sent myself an email (delivery date: May 20, 2017) congratulating future me for completing my 17th year teaching at LCC.  I hope future me appreciates the gesture.

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Reference: Carver, L. “Innovative Ways to Engage Online Learners.” Online Cl@ssroom.  17.3 (2017): 1. Print.

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