How to get SPLOTted

So you think you want to try it? Do some of the SPLOTs capture your imagination? Can you picture that LEGO toy you want for your students to play with so they learn more? Then browse the links provided. Start to jot some loose form notes of what you want to do. And come talk […]

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TRU Writer hits the SPLOT

I said SPLOTs were targeted little tools. Let’s suppose you want to have your students “write in public”. We want students to write. Well, there’s a lot of evidence and experience that demonstrates when students write about real topics for real audiences where their writing lives on past the end of the course, the students […]

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The SPLOTS Are Spreading

There’s a lot more SPLOTs available from other schools and we in the CTE are even starting to learn how to create our own SPLOTs. It’s spreading, folks. Sometimes you don’t even realize you’ve been SPLOTTED. For example, remember the home page for the CTE Courses library where you clicked to open this course? That’s […]

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Legos, WordPress, and SPLOTS

IS LIKE THIS Putting all the silliness about the name “SPLOTs” aside, the simplest, best way I know to explain what a SPLOT is and what they can do is to use an analogy.  So I’m going to talk about LEGOs, those wonderful building block toys that are beloved by children (and many adults) and […]

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