The SPLOTS Are Spreading

There’s a lot more SPLOTs available from other schools and we in the CTE are even starting to learn how to create our own SPLOTs. It’s spreading, folks.

screen shot of you don’t even realize you’ve been SPLOTTED. For example, remember the home page for the CTE Courses library where you clicked to open this course? That’s a SPLOT. It’s a SPLOT called Dimension. Suppose you want a simple website that only has a handful of pages/posts and you want them to all just pop-up instead of taking readers to entirely different pages (and potentially getting lost). Dimension does that. It’s quick and easy to install and comes with instruction. It makes a great “callingc card” or identity site. You can change the images. Suppose you had this a permanent identity website describing your course. It could be available before students register. Or, maybe you could make it an identity for yourself and add a human aspect to your online presence without having to create a blog.

screen shot of As I said, there are lot available. The Open Learn Lab and CTE staff can help you get started. We’re working to make them even easier to get and install in your own space on the Open Learn Lab.  To explore some of the possibilities, I suggest visiting 

If you visit and you click on one of the descriptions of a SPLOT, you’ll not only get a description, you’ll links to a lot of live examples of these SPLOTS being used in the wild.



If you want to push the boundary a bit more and explore what can be done, then visit Tom Woodward’s Some of the tools on Tom’s site aren’t as “click-and-go” as Alan’s (Cogdog’s). Some of them are more like pre-built components or documentation on how Tom and VCU already solved your problem.  Some of the ideas on Tom’s site might need more assistance from the CTE’s Open Scholars (OLL) staff than maybe some of the Alan SPLOTs, but they do add all kinds of functionality and ideas.