Home, Sweet SPLOT

Hi, I’m Jim Luke. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering what the heck a SPLOT is.

  • Is it a disease? (no)
  • Is it contagious? (sort of, the more people use them the more they seem to spread)
  • Do you want one? (probably, especially if you value your time, want to help your students, build engagement, get into this open learning/OER stuff, and do it all without losing your mind or becoming some kind of techie nerd)

I’m going to try to explain as best I can and as simply as I can. Well, push the button and let’s get started!

  1. SPLOTS. First, a word about that name…
  2. Legos, WordPress, and SPLOTS
  3. We’re Breaking Out In SPLOTS – SPLOTPoint
  4. TRU Writer hits the SPLOT
  5. TRU Collector – Gotta Catch’em All
  6. The SPLOTS Are Spreading
  7. How to get SPLOTted