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Small Gestures

Raquel Norman
Dental Hygiene Adjunct Faculty

I remember it very well, my first semester teaching here at Lansing Community College. I was very nervous. I remember those overwhelming feelings that a student feels on the first day of class. Except for now, I was supposed to be the teacher. I always like to reflect on that first semester because, many of my “first” students taught me more than they will ever know. I’m sure there were many times that they could tell I was nervous, or maybe even a little unsure of my answer to their question. So I do my very best to always make sure students feel welcomed, included, and supported in my classroom. I strive to help them accomplish their goals, and motivate them to do their very best.

At the end of my first semester, which went rather smoothly without too many stressful moments, I had a student that made a heartfelt homemade card, and gift. She wrote to let me know how thankful she was to have had me as a teacher. She said that I really motivated her, and was very excited to start her career because of my class. I was so touched, and actually a little surprised because I was feeling a little insecure if I had done a good job. I remember while reading the card, that it brought tears to my eyes because of how thankful she was. Having someone cheer for you when you are having doubts is a great feeling. That’s why I strive everyday to teach with compassion, and determination to be the best teacher I can for my students. Being kind, and passionate about teaching really touches many lives, and not just our students’ but also our own. Sometimes the smallest gesture can really affect someone’s life.

Even though we are the teachers, we continue to learn and grow with every new semester. Being patient, enthusiastic, and compassionate for each student is my goal everyday. I like to share this experience because, I felt like I learned just as much as my students did that first semester. So as every new semester begins, I like to envision touching each student’s life in a positive way. We can’t always get everything perfect, but with guidance and support we can accomplish so much more together.