What Goes Around Comes Around

Scott DeRuischer
Construction Management/Building Construction

The saying “What Goes Around Comes Around” is often referenced in a negative or threatening manner. In this case “What Goes Around Comes Around” is far from negative or threatening, in fact, it is quite the opposite: it is positive and encouraging.

I have been teaching at Lansing Community College as an Adjunct Faculty since the Fall of 2013, in the Fall of 2018, I was hired on as the Fulltime Lead Faculty for the Construction Management and Building Construction Programs. One of the classes that I have been teaching since 2013 is the Builders Pre-Licensure Preparation class. This class is a requirement for anyone interested in taking the State of Michigan Builders License Exam to become a Licensed Michigan Residential Builder. It was during the Fall of 2018 that I met Todd. Todd was in my pre-licensure class and although he has taken many classes at Lansing Community College, this is the first time I had him in one of my classes.

During class Todd was quiet, but he was definitely paying attention and taking notes. It was probably after the third or fourth class that Todd came to my desk, introduced himself, and shared with me the reason for taking the class. It turns out that Todd had the dream of starting his own business, not the standard home construction business but rather a business in spray foam insulation. He valued my opinion on his dream. I encouraged his plan and as the weeks followed, he was sharing with me his thoughts and ideas. He wrote a business plan, chose a name for the business, and had fliers and business cards printed up before the end of the semester.

Fast forward one year later, Fall of 2019. Todd contacts me and shares with me the success of his business and how busy he was. Now Todd wanted to return the favor and take the time out of his busy days and bring his custom spray foam trailer to Lansing Community College to talk and demonstrate to the construction classes what he does and how the spray foam process works. So, Todd had the opportunity to show his business and talk about his success in two of my classes.

Last week I received another call from Todd, this time he wants a list of names of students that I might recommend for him to hire. His business is so successful he is looking to hire on additional help and willing to train the right people and he would like those people to be from Lansing Community College.

So, my time spent with Todd discussing his dream and plans turned into success and is coming around two-fold. I am sure Todd and I will be keeping in contact for years to come.