It was My Pleasure

Bonnie Dexter
Adjunct Instructor, CHSE

When Sue thanked me on the last day of the semester my response was, “It was my pleasure”. It was very much an honor to learn from her as much as it was my pleasure to be a part of her learning process. If Sue can ultimately reach her educational goals while developing life skills necessary to enrich and support her community as an engaged global citizen, then her education has great worth.

This past semester I taught lab and clinical for the patient care technician program to high school students. It was amazing to watch students transforms from shy, unsure of potential, quiet and reserved, and a bit hesitant into a strong, confident, brave and up-for-the-task learner and teacher. I focus on Sue as she made great strides this past semester.

My role to guide Sue during clinical utilized teaching methods of simulation and feedback. Simulation was utilized during class and lab to demonstrate what skills Sue would learn to perform. Feedback from Sue and myself allowed us to improve upon those skills. Peer feedback from other students is also beneficial to developing communication, critical thinking and collaboration learning skills.

Sue asked many in depth questions. Sue wanted the details; she was interested in the outcome. She asked for answers to infection rate, policy and procedure, and the purpose for the equipment and treatment. This particular student looked for further education beyond the surface of the teachings. I admire this in her. The spark in her eye brought out the passion in mine.

Sue told me that the most important take home from clinical was learning how to talk to a patient and how to feel and show empathy. This made the biggest impact on her because she wants to help people through some of the hardest times in their lives, when they are sick, away from their family, friends, home and job. Sue wants to help keep patient’s positive, teach them the tools to a healthier happy self. Sue plans to become a physician and to provide medical care to the less fortunate and those with limited access to health care in other countries.

It was my pleasure and my honor to be a part of Sue’s learning process. I look forward to following her progress and accomplishments in the future as she moves forward in her education and life aspirations, which correlates to the overall Lansing Community College mission.