Pictures of Grades

Diane Spence
Math Lab Adjunct Instructor

I am an adjunct math lab instructor for Math 107 & Math 112.  During Spring 2016, I had a student, MAR, who was in his 60’s.  MAR told me that he was taking the math lab class (Math 107) to work towards completing an associate’s degree.  He informed me that it had been years since his last math class.  I told him about the free tutoring available in the Learning Commons as well asking me and other students in class for help.

I would circulate around the math lab and ask students if they needed help.  Sometimes students do not like asking for help.  In the community college setting, we want every student to succeed no matter what his/her age happens to be.

MAR took Test 1 and scored 92%.  He was so excited!!  MAR asked me if he could take a picture of his test score so he could share it with his family.  I told him it was okay.  He did this picture taking throughout the semester. He continued to ask me for assistance.  MAR told me that he wanted to obtain a 4.0 grade.  He continued to inform me that I had helped make the Math 107 work easy for him to understand.

He told me that he informed his family that he had a great math lab instructor.  I was very happy that I was able to reach and teach MAR in order to help him reach his goals.
He asked if I was going to teach a Math 112 lab class in the evening during Fall 2016.  I informed him that I was.  MAR told me that he was going to enroll in my Math 112 lab class.

MAR completed the math lab class with 4.0 grade.  He was so excited.  Of course, he took a picture of his Final Exam 4.0 grade to share with his family.

During the last class session, MAR arrived with his wife. He wanted his wife to meet his “awesome” math instructor who had encouraged and helped him to succeed in his math class!!!  His wife informed me that MAR was so proud and happy with his 4.0 grade.

This was an amazing, rewarding and gratifying experience for me to be appreciated by an LCC student where he brought a family member to make the special trip to meet me at LCC!!