Pursuing the Goal of Acquaintance and Adjunct Teaching at Lansing Community College

Frank L. Mortl
CTES 100 Participant 

Upon completion of a long and successful career, I was eager to begin a new chapter in my life, teaching at the college level. This led to my enrollment in the CTES 100 course, Transforming Learning Through Teaching. I have become very aware that going to college is not an optimal solution for those students who need to continue working to support their families.

The community college experience can serve as a good first step for a student to help determine whether a particular course or program will lead to the general abilities and skills that an employer would be interested in as well as the required job-specific knowledge. Students must constantly be reminded of the importance of the strong LCC mission and the direct connection between the necessary requirements and full-time work opportunities that exist. For some students, the basic requirements of community college can become difficult to accept. Requirements such as attendance, time, assignments, homework, and participation become accepted to a greater extent when they are compared to the basic requirements to stay employed, i.e. mandatory attendance, eight hour days, little choice in work assignments.

The course requirement of faculty interviews let me to Professor William Motz of LCC’s Marketing Department. Throughout the generous amount of time spent with me, his ability to impart knowledge through sharing of personal applied methods of teaching and learning at a community college resulted in a positive impact on me to drive forward and understand the total mission. I am now convinced and have a firm understanding to support the thesis that a business partnership with LCC is a dynamic relationship because the workforce training and retraining is crucial to businesses.

LCC is a true resource that continues to play an outstanding role for students to achieve their educational career and life goals. Professor Motz, with his passion and commitment to students, is unwavering and commendable. He stated that caring, caring, caring for the students is crucial and he has set up a scholarship for marketing students as well. He became an inspiration to me through discussion of a marketing plan method that students of all ages can utilize. He also served as a motivator by wishing me well when I apply for an adjunct teaching position at LCC in the future.