Facilitated by Suzanne Bernsten and Ami Ewald   

Join us for a lively discussion of the multiple ways we receive our daily news. With the rise of false or misleading information about COVID-19, many people are referring to what the (World Health Organization) calls an ‘Infodemic’ – where misinformation about the virus is spreading rapidly. If you frequent social media, you have probably seen some of this highly questionable information floating around. Much like how we wash our hands for 20 seconds, experts are asking that we practice ‘information hygiene’ and take 20 seconds to look deeper into claims about the virus.

During this session, we will share findings from a recent study of how U.S. college students engage with news in the digital age which involved interviews, a survey, and analysis of Twitter data of a sample of U.S. college students. You will leave this workshop with techniques for evaluating news stories and practical takeaways that you can incorporate into your classroom and personal life.