Created by Suzanne Bernsten and Martha Madigan

From personal improvement to first-day prep to equitable teaching- this Padlet overflowing with pertinent resources for teaching and learning. Gather ideas and check out how you might use Padlet for your courses.

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Resources for Teaching and Learning on Padlet

11 thoughts on “Resources for Teaching and Learning (Asynchronous)

  1. Cynthia Thomas

    Thank you Suzanne for all of these resources! There were quite a few I had not visited.

  2. Jo Macek

    Great information!

  3. Susan Hardie

    Thank you! I especially enjoyed Padlet! I think this will come be very useful for in class ORT critiques.

  4. Fran Krempasky

    Thank you for the info in this padlet, especially of interest for me was “Equitable Teaching” and UDL baselines.

  5. Mark Bottita

    Great resources here–Thank You!

  6. Larry Simpson

    I am definitely going to use some of these resources and would like to know if there is a plan to keep this available.

    1. Annescia Dillard

      Hi Larry
      Yes – this website will be available indefinitely.

  7. Jim Ripley

    Thanks for the terrific resources.

  8. Dan Rafail

    Thanks for the resources. They are added o my bookmarks.

  9. Yevgeniya Leontyeva Abbott

    Thank you for all the resources! I think the ones on increasing student engagement are especially helpful.

  10. Pat Anderson

    There are a lot of good resources, I’m glad this will be available indefinitely so I bookmarked as a reference! Thank you!

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