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Open Educational Resources (OER) are any learning, teaching, or research resources that are both free of cost and come with reuse rights. This includes a wide variety of resources such as textbooks, full courses, journal articles, datasets, and interactive learning content. Below are Open Educational Resource (OER) texts published by LCC faculty in 2019-2020. View additional OER texts at  and more OER information at

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Writing LCC: An Anthology of Student Writing Collected at Lansing Community College (2020)

Author: Sally Pierce, Integrated English

Writing LCC. Front cover of book.

Student writing collected from English classes at Lansing Community College with brief notes from instructors. Intended audience–faculty and students. A brief annotated bibliography about publishing student writing and permission form in Appendices.


Expression and Inquiry (2019)

Authors: Chris Manning, Sally Pierce, and Melissa Lucken, Integrated English

Expression and Inquiry book front cover.

Users of Expressions and Inquiry will note that it has three major sections—Section One which primarily focuses on the nuts and bolts of writing, otherwise known as Rhetoric and Composition, important to get writers started with the process of writing and also considering what their point or claim is. Section Two continues to discuss academic writing including research and other inquiry methods as well as analysis. It also includes some examples from students at Lansing Community College and more discussion about thinking deeply about writing and techniques. Finally, Section Three Narrative and Description, is primarily based on Shane Abram’s EmpoWord. We circled back to the techniques of description and narration because we believe these techniques are needed to engage readers and develop voice in all writing. We hope all of this will help students in the Composition courses we teach and beyond.


Exploring Our Social World: The Story of Us (2019)

Authors: Jean Ramirez, Aliza Robinson, Pamela Smith & Willie Davis, Sociology

Exploring our Social World, front cover of book.

This text was envisioned as an essentials text, providing coverage of the main areas of study reviewed in most introduction to sociology classes. With that said, we understand faculty may wish to tailor this text to meet their teaching objectives and the needs of their students, so please feel free to revise, remix and redistribute this text at will.  We hope that this text provides faculty and students with a quality resource which aids students in achieving their academic goals.


College English Skills for Speakers of other Languages (2019)

Authors: Marcy Bauman and Cheryl Garayta, Integrated English

College English Skills for Speakers of Other Languages. Front cover of book.

This text was made possible through the Lansing Community College Open Educational Resource (OER) award program. The ESOL faculty at LCC worked on this project with the goal of creating a scaffolded series of integrated-skills texts, moving from ESOL Low Beginning to Advanced levels (Communication Foundations, Communication Basics, Pre-Academic Communication, Bridge to College English Skills, College English Skills). This is the final text in that series and is designed for Advanced ESOL students. At LCC, our Advanced ESOL students co-enroll in Freshman Composition. The information and assignments in this text support co-enrollment but could also be used in a stand-alone ESOL program.