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The Open Learning Lab (OLL) at Lansing Community College manages the infrastructure and web hosting for websites located at Each domain is the responsibility or account of some faculty or team at LCC. The CTE is in the process of creating a directory of existing OLL sites, but for now, check out the showcase below by clicking on each title.

If you are interested in learning more or creating your own website, please contact the CTE @ 517-483-1680 or request a CTE consultation.

What is the Open Learning Lab? 

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LCC is leading the way and innovating with the CTE’s Open Learn Lab (OLL). While over 150 leading universities and 4 year colleges have adopted similar innovative projects, LCC is the first and only community college to pioneer this approach to open learning. In this NOOC, learn what the OLL is about and how it can help and empower you and engage your students.

Biology 125 Blog

Front page of BIOL 125 Blog. *decorative

A blog for a Biology 125 class created by biology faculty member Sarah Steinhour. Students post their assignments directly to the blog and can comment on each others’ posts; for example, students published pictures they took with pocket microscopes that were sent out in lab kits and other students had to guess what was in the pictures.

Poetry Project: LCC Community Generated Poetry

A Writer is Someone Who Writes. *decorative

This website created by Integrated English faculty member Barb Clauer provides information about the LCC Community Generated Poetry project as well as collections of poems created as a result of the project. You’ll also find ideas for possible projects and information about contacting Barb to design one together.

Faculty Writing Support: Writing Resources from the LCC Faculty Writing Support Mentors

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Faculty Writing Support mentors share tips, activities and resources for writing assignments grouped in four categories: critical thinking, content, managing assignments, and assessment. This website also explains how to get involved in the faculty writing assistant program and was created by Susan Murphy, Sarah Steinhour, and Danielle Savory Seggerson

Most Powerful 400 Words in Teaching

400 Most Powerful Words in Teaching website

The original idea for the 400 Words assignment in the CTE’s Transforming Learning Through Teaching (TLTT) course came from Leslie Johnson (English professor and former CTE Director) and Jim Luke (Econ professor and OLL guru) in 2015. Today this site contains more than 125 essays written by LCC faculty members. The basis for the assignment is to complete a short essay to inspire our fellow teachers and remind us why community colleges exist and why we choose to teach at a community college.

StarScapes: Student Innovation and Creativity Showcase for LCC

Front page of StarScapes website. *decorative

StarScapes is a student showcase of creative, imaginative, and interesting work. It is an opportunity for students to share research, capstone presentations, honors option projects, or other work with the LCC community. The StarScapes website will allow students to share presentations online and facilitate discussion between LCC community members.

Live Together, Learn Together: Stories from the LCC Community in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Empty classroom with desks facing a a blank white board.

This website was created for members of the LCC community to share stories about life during the COVID-19 pandemic. Grab a box of kleenex when you’re ready to read the countless, amazing posts. If you want to write, we have a space to write called Stories. You can add images and even embed a YouTube along with your writing if it helps you express yourself. If you’re more comfortable expressing yourself visually, we have a space called Images for you to upload and share the images, artwork, or photos of this experience that tell your story. The website was created by Joe Esquibel, Jim Luke, Barb Clauer, Anne Heutsche, Jeff Janowick, Melissa Kaplan, and Suzanne Bernsten


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